Friday, September 16, 2011

La Tomatino in Bangalore Finally called off

So Finally after all the uproar, Cry and a spate of objections the Govt. of Karnataka has finally called off the much debated event "La Tomatino" in Bangalore. The Chief Minister Opines that the Tomato which is an important crop for an Indian Farmer has to be looked upon with much reverence and should not be wasted in this manner. I do agree with his statements, In a country like ours where we see our food with great respect, spurting tomatos on each other would be an event that is sure looked upon with a bad taste.

 But i wonder on all the facebook posts that have been cropping up on my friends walls on why exactly we should be Opposing the " La tomatino" One of these read as below

Dear Bangaloreans.. Please boycott the 'La Tomatina' festival to be held in Palace grounds on the 18th of September. Its a Royal waste of food !!.. Which could actually be used to feed those 5.6 million children who die of malnutrition every year :-\. Like . .if u agree and help cancel this depiction of fake westernization.. Go on.. Put it up as your status

I really Wonder how many of these people who posted this status on their walls are really concerned about feeding the 5.6 Million kids who die of Malnutrition. ????????
So if this is the sole reason that they wanna boycott the event, are they ready to instead donate the 1.2K Rupees ( Entry for the event) to Charity.

I Could clearly bet a "No" on the vast majority of people posting these messages. So Guys Please don't post a message just because it looks appropriate, or it appeals to you.

We(Including me) need to clearly assert that we are in most cases among the greedy lot, who would never care about the rest of the population Lets not try to earn an additional mileage taking stands on situations for which we have not acted any good.


Narcolepsy said...

I think you missed the point entirely. It's not so much about food consumption and wastage that the core issue lies. No one gives a damn if people throw rotten tomatoes at each other in private, but an organised foodfight,covered by media quite frankly is in bad taste. Especially in a country like our where the Income inequality gap is tremendous.

Well they should've gone ahead with the festivities anyways, by substituting cowdung (sun dried, of course) for tomatoes. It couldve been called "La Cowadunga"

karthik said...

I do appreciate your opinion.

However let me clarify that i didnt comment on the event at all.
I was just putting my comment on a post that appeared to me.