Friday, August 6, 2010

Bangalore Heritage photography

Karthik’s Weekend Escapades


Event Date:
August 8th 2010


The primary idea of the event is to capture on camera some of the few remaining structures of the yesteryear. In the recent past, Modernization and population explosion in some way has taken away the old charm of the city that it used to be in the 90’s. The way the city ever keeps changing colors, I found it interesting to capture a few of its marvels on photograph. This I believe will add up to my collection and am sure I shall look back at it for the years to come.

I found it suitable to cover the entire event journey on cycle as this will give me multiple advantages. I would be able to cover all the places with ample time and details as I would be slow, since the event is being planned early morning on Sunday the experience of cycling empty roads will be totally welcome. The joy of pedaling is an experience that is always enriching and delightful. Smaller causes like diet, health don’t really play a part. Cycling is just about cycling without strings attached

It would be very important for me to be at my first destination as early as it gets. The more the people, vehicle more harm for the photographs. Looking forward to capture the places keeping people at bay


Start from home by 5’o clock in the morning.


(Rama lakshmana & Gavi gangadhareshwara temple )

Ramakrishna ashrama

Gandhibazaar road side market and bull temple road

National college

Taxi stand

KR Park, Indian institute of world culture

Lalbagh West Gate

VV Puram Circle

Kr market and mosque


Avenue Road

SBM, head office


Vidhana soudha

GPO, Bangalore

Raj Bhavan

Basava Bhavan circle & planetarium

Central Telephone exchange

Karnataka high court

Cubbon Park

Venkatappa Art Gallery & Museum

Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium

MG road

Utility Building

Mayo Hall

Army School, Hosur road

Christian Cemetery

KMF Diary & india’s first 3 layered fly over at diary circle.

IBM, Bannerghata Road (This place once housed the Drive-in open movie theatre)

Ragigudda (Jayanagar 9th block)

Banashankri Temple (the richest temple in Bangalore)

Wind up in Padmanabanagar

Google maps estimates the journey to be around 48 kms

I wish the roads remain empty and the day remains nice and cool.

Shall return back to the post with the pics guys


Unknown said...

Totally Cool idea dude

Dee said...

Nice one... Awaiting the pics :)

I think u can cntnue wid dese escapades as der r lot mre places to b captured... A part2 probbly...