Friday, February 25, 2011

My new gear

The wait is finally over. The Camera has finally landed.

After a pain sticking wait , my new outdoor gear, a new gateway to keeping moments crisp and sharp is here. The Cannon SX30 seems to clearly make a statement and i'm quite impressed with its picture quality and a staggering 35x zoom that doesn't disappoint at all.

The decision to go for this model came after a pedantic evaluation into first determining the depth of my pocket and the camera available for this depth. Also under considerations were the features, the ability to zoom, be able to capture wild life and those winged beauties. Keeping in line my outdoor traveling policy of "travel light". One camera that seem to simply fit custom into all these criteria was the sx30.

Although there was a clear trade off on a lot of aspects, it does seem like the valid and reasonable decision.

Shall look forward to capturing and binding more real life moments, incidents, beauties , nature with the camera.

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