Monday, March 2, 2009

slum dog millionaire

the results are out and its clear slum dog has cleanly swept the oscars with as high as 8/10.
this might be a great joy for the people of india as Reheman gets a perfect 2 for his music .
but then there is much pain somewhere in the heart for the film having highlighted the negative aspects out great country which was again blown out of proportion trying to gimmick on the maximum possible way to show the poverty that exists in here, when there is a ton full of positive aspects of country which could have been shown in an even better way with vibrant colors to it.

now coming to the movie and how it takes you through a slum kid's life in mumbai, there was nothing that kept me occupied throughout the movie , all along the movie i kept feeling that our ,mumbai slums cant be so bad and in fact there is nothin really happening like what has actually been shown with young kid's eyes been taken away, or underworld being such an easy career to these kids however few other scenes were very moving.

i enjoyed watchin benjamin button and reader more than what i did watchin slumdog. and i have friends who're of the similar opinion ,kate winslet did fully deserve that oscar and with bradpitt i feel he had a tough race winning it although i feel sorry for him missing out the 3rd time. its really surprising that the oscar committe didnt find those 2 movies worth enough ,this kind of puts me in tizzy as to how would the foreign audience actually have liked slum dog showcasing our poverty . has it been such a hit with them that they gave away so many awards.

i ve been an avid film watcher and every year and i ve watched almost evry oscar nominated movies as much as possible and i had my own ideas as to when would a movie win an oscar , but now seein slum dog my equations seems to have tumbled down fully..

lastly i've been reading that after slumdog's impact much of relief seems to have been coming for those slum kids , i hope this movie would bring some positinve change in their lives . atleast in my opinion this is the least slum dog could do , atleast it didnt impress me as a movie.

jai ho rehman and russell and the spirit of our indian people

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