Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"mangalore pub incident" just an assault or a wake up call

its been a week or so since the pub incident has occurred and i must say this incident is blown truly out of proportion. the media on one hand has been glorifying the videos of the assault time and again crying foul over the government and its inability to tackle the situation the government on the other hand doing not enough justice to the victims and involved in more of a blame game taking the whole issue somewhere else.

firstly an organisation like sri rama sene must have been banned mercilessly which has taken a law into the hand literally assaulted people in way thats even hard to think off, it is nothin but just a gunda sene with a set of violent people with no human values i do not think this sene as of now is anything more than that. we've been seeing a lot of organisations like the kannada rakshana vedike,ABVP, and other pro kannada organisations etc which have shown tolerance in their protests to some extent even though they have sometime resorted to violence at some point of time however the rama sene has taken law totally into their hands in the worst possible way. i feel its our apathy that they use our sacred hindu god Rama to name their organisation. i do not know who built this sene and with what ideologies and goals was this sene formed , but however this incident has totally tarnished its image and it has completely gone into wrong hands. but i still see light for the sri rama sene as now it has strung into popularity , if it is to really make use of this opportunity then it must convert this popularity into positive energy by taking up its issues in a peace full manner . however those people involved in the pub incident have to stringently punished .

now looking at the pub culture and how it is growing at an alarming rate. bangalore may have already earned the tag of being the pub capital of India, other cities like mangalore etc may have started catching up. but is this tag something that we really require or to be proud off ,has anyone bothered to find out how many young boys and girls frequent these pubs or what impact does these pubs have on them. do we really require this pub culture in these huge numbers of them all over our places . isn't this culture purely aping the west , do we need to embrace it in such a way as it is happening now. often we see people say they work hard whole of the week so they frequent pubs in the weekend to unwind and relax but does the same explanation hold good for young boys and girls going to colleges i think definitely no. so its time we sit back and look what is really happening in these pubs and think about regulating the age of people going these pubs.

ultimately one must agree that pubs are definitely not any sort of a boon to our society however it is upto the people who visit them and indulge in drinking or smoking inside these pubs as it is the question of human freedom but at least government should definitely regulate by bringing upon a law for age bar to the entry into these pubs .lastly media especially the TV has not been fair in airing these violence videos time and again on air rather they should take the real issues and fight with the government airing these videos only creates more pain in the victims and anger among the public .

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