Saturday, November 22, 2008

bangalore cries

Bangalore is my name i am a lot of fame
long ago was i a small lil city
not long ago was i a garden city . . . .
Greens covered all over me ,
gardens and trees wherever u see . . .

People then were humble, no matter who came in from outside ,
they welcomed them they did'nt even mumble . .
Now no longer has my pride survived
all my glory has dried . . .

Only vehicles cover up all over me,
pollution of all kinds wherever i see..
I house the largest number of vehicles in my country
sadly i have lost all my trees ...

I'm no longer the pensioner's paradise
nor am i anymore calm and quiet ...
The aged don feel at home here
they live wit all sorts of fear

The greedy people have taken away my soul
all they wann is more more . .
I'm a victim for their greed
i'm a victim of their success . .

Hey ppl i have believed u to be my childrens,
i have cared for u like a mom . .
Pls don bring me down i have no place to go

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