Wednesday, July 9, 2008

pugs are so cute

we all have a special desires when we see those vodafone ads on tv's where a cute little small dog runs around children throughout the ad helping them.... many of us may wonder wish i could have such a cute dog always curled upon my lap or comes behind me all the time .......... although some may feel awkward from what i'm sayin but many of us do share the same kind of feeling

it is indeed a very pleasurable thing to own those pug dogs...... might be a dig at the pocket for a few but for the rest it is indeed a special feeling if they could afford one

pugs are very lovable dogs very adorable, kind of captures anybody at the first sight
there is indeed no harm in sayin that the television commercials have brought great fame and demand to these cuties

its always better to rear any dog from from the stage of a puppy, the bonding that develops for and by the puppy is very strong to that in case of an adult dog
when it comes to pugs these dogs develop a great level of bonding to its keepers ....... so much so that it becomes hard for the dog to live in case if its separated from its keeper at an later stage in life

food habits of pugs is what really fascinates me..... if u find an animal that forever remains hungry then it gotta be pugs .....they just eat anything to everything literally from the green vegetables to rice to fruits to chips to sweets ...nothings exempted for a pug..... mind you even a bhel puri cant be resisted by it but ya its not a good idea to feed it any junk food or sweets
its ideal to keep the weight of any adult pug dog well within 10 kgs ......thts the best weight , then it atleast remains light enough for you to carry it anywhere occasionally

then coming to maintaining a pug things you gotta remember is its better to have it a bath every one week so that it remains clean and shining . combing twice a week becomes necessary to keep it away from ticks and other troubles that ur cute pug is very prone to . apart from this there are no major cares that u gotta take for ur pug. since they're very well behaved dogs

keep petting

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