Monday, April 12, 2010

Post4 . . . (Shimoga and Chikamagalur)

We Resume journey , Skip the lunch for the second day, yet no complaints , everyone seems to have got well on with the trip and as we cover places one by one, the tempo seems to just go higher and higher.

Bhadra Dam (lakvalli Dam)

The dam is huge, although the main walls stretches just over 200 M unlike KRS. This is primarily because the hills that surround the dam sort of create a natural wall and the dam. I must say u can only see water until u can see!!!

Kemmangundi. . . by 7 PM

We did manage to reach kemmangundi by the evening. The road that goes right from turuvekere is enjoyable although gets deteriorated by the time your around 8 kms to the top. The guest houses maintained by the horticultural department are decently maintained and economically priced. one wouldn't ask for an AC suite here primarily because you wouldn't want an AC on a hill Station
Soon The night gets very cold and we wrap up the day . Thick blankets are a must

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