Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shimoga and Chikamagalur

The Republic day this year incidentally coming on Tuesday had indirectly stretched the weekend beyond sunday provided i can squeeze a leave on monday to accommodate a 3 day long holiday.So i soon decided that I'll take a Monday off and plan a trip on road in our very own Maruti 800 dx.

After eliminating a lot of places that were initially on my list i finally zeroed in on covering Shimoga and Chikamagalur exhaustively. Since my car had undergone some major surgeries in the last month , costing a whopping sum , i was all prepared to take back some services from the car.

We were heading to the western Ghats, One of the 10 bio-diversity hot spots of the world!!!!.....Western Ghats need no introduction to anybody, it has had a great impact on the climatic pattern and the economic activity in the country along with a diverse range of flora and fauna many of them having figured out in the list of critically endangered species, while 1411 or so tigers left need prior attention, it may be time to realize there are more species that needs immediate attention too. Karnataka luckily enjoys the credit to having the longest range of western ghats within its borders. districts like Shimoga, Chikamagalur, Coorg , Udupi, etc have borne the fruit of the enormous wealth and other advantages that the Western Ghats bring along with them. These regions enjoy enormous rainfall that has rendered the land absolutely fertile. for someone like me who's usually stuck up between 4 walls of the office , the place is a one of the kind of a get away. It offers a magnificent view of the mountains, Challenging roads through the ghats that adds to the drivers delight(often nightmare if not properly tarred),breathtaking views, and a beautiful climate that Bangalore fails to offer these days.

Its always good to go back to the basics once in a while. Its in these places that u really experience that, too much of technology has crippled us, our lifestyle looks way too materialistic. Its people you see in these areas are the ones who really leave you spell bounded on how they have resisted change and remained so simple in life.

This time my travelogues are not gonna be the ones like in the past, where i made sure i highlighted every nuke and corner the journey had taken me. Am gonna be as simple as it gets.

Here's the list in the order that the drive took me for the 3 whole days

24th January

Leave Bangalore(4:40 AM)

Crossing Nelamangla was painsticking excercise, the traffic is so bad that early a morning. The toll road at the Golden quadrilateral untill Tumkur is overly priced at 22 for a mere 25- 30 kms.
We soon head on

Dest 1: Amruthapura( Turuvekere)

I have been completely ignorant about the history and the architecture of the temple, Its dedicated to one of the Avatars of lord Shiva(Amrutheshwara). A simple beautiful temple with lot of stone carvings, interesting compound walls with Circular Stone with each carvings different from the other. A well maintained lawn.
adds up the overall outlook of the temple.

Dest 2: Thavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari( Shimoga)

This places figures out in the outskirts of Shimoga on the Shimoga-Sagar Road, like how BNP figures out in the outskirts of Bangalore. The place is well maintained, has a zoo with the conventional list of animals. The lion and tiger Safari which is reasonably priced will take you through half a dozen tigers, and quarter to a dozen lions. The Safari staff here are very enterprising and keep you entrained with their jokes all along the safari.I have to mention that these people appeared to be very dedicated to these animals and treat them with fair respect.

We move along, Take the Thirtahalli road, out of shimoga, come across Gajanur (birth place of Kannada cine idol Dr. Raj Kumar), move on .

Dest 3: Gajanur Dam

The Tunga Bhadra project. The Dam looks quite majestic and new. The Walls are too long. Entry though has been restricted to the public. One can enjoy the waters from a distance. We move on

The road following the Dam is very picturesque, dotted with forest canopy that accounts for a calm shade along the road as we move on to thirthalli. Come across Mundgaddhe bird sanctuary that has no birds in the january season. soon We reach thirthahalli.

To be continued......

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